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FROM KNOWLEDGE TO ACTION - lecture in Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday, 19. May 2020
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How to understand spiritual evolution and embody the awakening consciousness in daily day life?

In many eastern spiritual traditions and the perennial philosophy, there are profound teachings on existence as a sacred trinity of “Will, Knowledge and Action.” This trinity relates in fundamental ways to the very creation or manifestation of the One Self (Spirit) as many individual souls, that embodies and expresses the One Life in multiple expressions through the vehicles of gross and subtle bodies of the human being. The very process of individualization (involution) of the One Self creates a veiled illusory experience of being a separate entity (ego), disconnected from the primordial reality as oneness, which leads to an experience of incompleteness and following dissatisfaction.

The aim of the lecture is to shed light to fundamental spiritual questions such as “who am I” and “what is the purpose of involution and evolution of consciousness?”. How to reconcile apparent paradoxes such as “there is no path, I am already the One Self” versus evolutionary approach of gradual awakening and maturing? How can I live a fuller and more satisfactory spiritual life? The lecture dwells items on many spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Kashmir Shaivism with the aim of sharing knowledge and insights about spiritual path and practice especially for those who are interested and willing to take a step beyond theories, ideas and subjective experiences and transform them into a true intuition and living knowledge via persistent spiritual practice. The lecture includes a short guided meditation.

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The lecture begins:
Finland: 20.00 - 22.30 Finnish time
Denmark: 19.00 - 21.30 Danish time

Teaching will be in English.

Price: FREE

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