The ONE Truth

We all have something which we believe in, something that we hold as true to us, something that gives our life a meaning and a structure that we can hold on to. As spiritual seekers or seekers for deeper meaning in life we may have many beliefs and theories, which structure our life, our world view and our spiritual understanding. As seekers we seek for understanding and knowledge that can give a new foundation to our growth in spirituality with whatever that means to each of us – for some it means to know spiritual or philosophical topics, for others it means to be vegetarian and live a healthy, organic lifestyle, and for some it means to be open to love, compassion, joy and happiness, and for most it is a mixture between many different aspects.

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Grounding your(Self)

It lies deep in us to identify with the form side of life – our body, emotions and thoughts – and in terms of our mental capacity, we think that what knowledge we have collected, is what we are and who we are. We are so closely connected to our ideals and beliefs that it is near impossible not to identify with them. “What I think is who I am!”

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Meditation – what is it? – And is it good for me?

Meditation is something that is increasingly getting more popular. Many people are curious or even feeling that they have a need to meditate. The reasons for this are many. For example in these stressful times and the way we live our lives, makes us realize that we need some space and time where we are not doing anything, but instead focusing on being. Another deeper reason for the need for meditation is that there is an evolutionary demand from our soul and spirit to grow, and the stage of human development is now at a point where such a demand comes as a natural step to explore further what life is, who we are, where to find happiness, what the meaning is of all this.

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